Three Things To Look For When Getting Your Log Book Service Done

Posted on: 11 March 2021

Log book service is an essential part of any new car's upkeep, and it's something that thousands of Australians go and do each week. However, not all log book services are the same, with some offering far better benefits to you than others. It is also important to ensure you get the right service, which many new car owners who have bought a vehicle for the first time do not quite grasp.
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Car Care: 3 Common Causes Of Clutch Failure

Posted on: 13 January 2021

The clutch is a hardworking component in manual transmission cars and can wear out and fail for a number of reasons. The clutch plays a vital role in helping you maintain control of your car and connects the wheel shaft to the shaft extending from the engine. It consists of three main parts (the flywheel, pressure plate and disc), and it's often more economical to have the whole clutch replaced when one part of it fails.
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Why Automatic Transmission Fluid Is Quite Special

Posted on: 5 November 2020

Most car owners today take advantage of an automatic transmission system to make life behind the wheel a lot easier. They may have previously owned a manual car or truck and know that the gearbox fitted to their new vehicle is completely different but, like everything else mechanical, will need care and attention. Yet why is the automatic transmission very different from the manual when it comes to upkeep and servicing?
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How Panel Beaters Deal with Ever More Complex Bodywork

Posted on: 2 September 2020

As car manufacturers become more ambitious and go after increased market share, so they are producing vehicles that feature undulating bodywork. They want to make these cars as aesthetically pleasing as possible, ensure that they are aerodynamically efficient and look different from the competition. This is all well and good until the vehicle is involved in a crash, and then the job of the panel beater becomes a lot more challenging.
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